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ISRRT 2021 World Congress Dublin Ireland.

Friday 20th of August 2021 8:00:00 AM

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Resources :: The Society of Radiographers :: Trinidad and Tobago


This “Resource” Section includes educational material for our professionals as well as individuals who are seeking more information about the profession and the various modalities in Trinidad & Tobago.

Educational Brochures

The Society of Radiographers of Trinidad & Tobago, together with some of its notable members, has worked together to develop an educational series of brochures. These brochures are intended to help educate persons unfamiliar with the profession and the various specialty areas that some Radiographers have further qualified in. Local Radiographers will find it useful to download, print and make copies for their patients and the general public throughout the year or on World Radiography Day (every 8th of November) and Radiographers’ Week. It is our intention that the information provided in these brochures will encourage career seekers to pursue this healthcare profession as a rewarding future.

All brochures are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing. Go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.


Download our brochure in PDF format below:

Who are Radiographers...

What is Mammography...

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)...