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ISRRT 2021 World Congress Dublin Ireland.

Friday 20th of August 2021 8:00:00 AM

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ISRRT November 2016 Report. :: The Society of Radiographers :: Trinidad and Tobago

ISRRT November 2016 Report.


Eight persons from Trinidad and Tobago attended the ISRRT World Congress that was held in Seoul, Korea in October, 2016.  We are grateful to the Korean Association for the support given, and the Korea Tourism Association for the free tour.  As the host country for the 2018 World Congress, we thank the ISRRT for the booth at the Congress.  A strong sense of togetherness was felt as old friends met form all over the world as we all felt like one big family even though we may not understand the various languages. Thank you “Sandy” and May God richly bless you on your retirement.

We are thankful for the fruitful discussions with all countries especially, Canada, UK and the USA.

Radiographers’ week was completed with our Annual Conference which was held on 13th November, 2016. The Theme was “Technology and Professionalism: Pride of practice.”  A large contingent of students from the University of Guyana and the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago attended.  Mr. Ian Withers, President of the Barbados Association of Radiographers presented two papers.  St Vincent and the Grenadines also participated.

We look forward to participate in conferences in Guyana and Barbados in 2017. 

A warm Caribbean welcome, to the ISRRT 20th World Congress in Trinidad and Tobago, April 2018.

Aleth Bruce,

ISRRT Council Member

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