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A Case from our files :: The Society of Radiographers :: Trinidad and Tobago

A Case From Our Files

Case for: Nov 26, 2009

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55 year old female with a suspicion of obstructive uropathy.

Intravenous Urography (IVU), or Intravenous Pyelography (IVP) as it is commonly referred, was requested.

Control radiograph followed by 5 minute, 10 minute, 20 minute and post micturition (Post Mict, or Post Void) exposures were done.

Control radiograph showed a somewhat large ovoid calculus in the right upper quadrant deemed to be cholelitihiasis (Gall stone). An extra-renal pelvis was seen in the right kidney. Obstructive uropathy was ruled out with no radiographic evidence of a renal/ureteric/vesical calculus.

(Courtesy Augustus Long Hospital/Petrotrin/Pointe a Pierre).

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